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Full text of "Flora Indica Vol-I"

56                                     FLORA TNDICA.                   [Ranunculacea,
met, which is dome-shaped behind, with a very broad high arched projection.   The
petals resemble a hammer with a very short handle.
3.  A. palmatnm (Don, Prod. 196); panicula pauciflora, floribus
viridi-cseruleis, casside convexa fornicata, petalorum unguc   anguste
linear! incurvo apice in cucullum globosum ecalcaratmn dilatato, folli-
cnlis 5 erectis glabris, seminibus transversim plicato-rugosis.—Wall.
Cat. 4723 ! Royle, III 56.
HAS. In Himalaya temperata: Nipal ad G-ossain Than, Wall.!
Sikkim, in monte^Tonglo, alt. 10,000 ped.! (Fl. Juu. Jul.)—(t?. t?.)
Caulis erectus, simplex, 2-3-pedalis, foliosus, glabcr, panicula subramosa pauci-
flora. Folia longe petiolata, glabra, diain. 4-0-poll., circumscriptione rotundata, basi
cordata, sinu latissimo, ultra nftdium palmatim 5-fida, lobis cuneato-ovatis grosse
inciso-lobatis; foralia similia, minora. Flores in ramis eloagatis subsolitarii, fere
pollicares. Cassis convexa, altitudine longitudinem excedente, breviter rostrata.
Follicxli 1-1 J-polHcare?
4.  A. variegatuxn (L. Sp. 751); ramis flexuosis, racexnis laxis
paucifloris, floribus viridescentibus vel caeruleis, casside altissime forni-
cata, petalorum ungue recto, calcare adscendentesreflexo, ovariis 5, semi-
nibus transrersim plicatis.—DC* Prod. i. 59; Ledeb. JL East. L 68.
HAS. In Himalaya oriental!:  Sikkim in valle Lachung, alt. 9000
dJ—(FL Sept.) (v. v.)
DIST.BIB, Europ. austr.! Caucasus 1
Herba, gracilis, debiHs, ramis elongatis ilexnosis imo scandentibus glabris vel ad-
presse pubenilis. Folia 2-4-pollicaria, profundc palmatim 5-fida vel -partita? seg-
mcntia cuueato-ovatis iuciso-dentatis; jtoralia similia sed minora ct altius incisa,
PatticuJa divaricato-rainosa. Ffares -|-I-}>ollicarc3. Cassis antice abruptc rostrata.
Ooaria gkbra.
The occurrence of a species only known as a native of Europe and western Asia in
the interior of Sikkim, without any known intermediate station, is very remarkable;
bat the Sikkim specimens agree so exactly with the species to which we have referred
them, that the identity of the two cannot* be doubted. Our specimens, however,
are not numerous, and are in flower only. They were all obtained in one locality,
arid the species was not observed in any other part of Sikkim. This may, however,
perhaps bo ascribed to its slender subscandcnt habit, rather than to its rarity. It
will probably be found to be a native of Western China, and to extend thence to
Eastern Siberia, where a very similar species (A. voludi/e, Pall.) appears to be
5.  A. ferox (Wall in Ser. Mus. Helv. L 160, non Plant. As. Kan
t. 41) j foliis ovalibus 5-fidis, racemo tcrminali multifloro basi composite,
floribus sordide cacruleis, casside alte fornicata acute et breviter rostrata,
petalorum ungue incurvo-filiformi, calcare recurvo obtuso, folliculis
5 erectis pubescentibus, seminibus triquetris dorso transversim mem-
branacco-plicatis.—DC. Prod, i. 64; Wall Cat. 4721, B! C! D! (non
A, nee Plant. Mat. Ear. £41 quoad iconem)*    A. virosum, 2)o».
Prod. 190.
HAW. lu Himalaya interiori temperata, alt. 10-14,000 ped.: Gark-
wai! Kuiaaon! Nipal! Sikkim! (Fl, Jul. Aug.)—(v. v.)
Cauli? crcctus, S-O-pcdalia, foliosus, inolliter pubcsccns. Folia ctrcumscriptionc
ovalia, basi rordaio, utrioque pubesoentia ct sabtus ad nervos pilosa, rarius sub^labra,